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Looking Back at February Walks Part 2 - 2011 to 2020

14th March 2021 (12:00am - 12:00am)


Looking Back at Walks Over the Last Twenty Years 

February Walks - Part Two 

February Walks – Part Two  2011 to 2020




Coopers Mill




The Kings Arms




The Lamb & Lark



Hardington Mandeville

The Mandeville Arms



Chilthorne Domer

The Carpenters Arms




The Bell




The Quicksilver Mail




The Quicksilver Mail



West Chinnock

The Muddled Man




The Penn Mill Hotel


Having reviewed so many pictures whilst looking back at the January and February walks, it’s made me aware that there are a great many pictures of our members doing,” not very much”, apart from standing around and chatting, but that’s not a bad thing. Most of our walks are attended by upwards of thirty members.  From time to time we have to pause whilst stiles and other obstacles are negotiated and, with a group of that size, it can take a significant time. Our members also have varying walking abilities and in order to keep the group together we have to move at the speed of the slowest member with, occasional rest breaks.

The group pictures are another feature of our walks. They form a visual record of those members of The Association who have walked with us.


The route of this walk from Coopers Mill  took us through Nine Springs to Barwick Park and Barwick village before circling back through Newton Copse to reach the site of the old Town Station. From here we did a circuit through the lower part of Nine Springs to return to Coopers Mill


 In Coopers Mill car park being briefed about the walk


 A pause before tackling the climb up Constitution Hill

Passing round the gate at the southern edge of Barwick Park

The group by Jack the Treacle Eater

Walking through Newton Copse

Crossing a bridge in Nine Springs


Walk from Thornford. Since we walked from this pub in 2012 I believe the name became The Olive Tree and then more recently reverted to The Kings Arms.

This walk took us from Thornford to Bradford Abbas and Clifton Maybank before taking us South to Trill Farm, near Beer Hackett, and then North and East to bring us back to Thornford 

Outside The Kings Arms waiting for Ian to brief us on the walk

Passing Thornford Church on the way to Bradford Abbas

Close to The Old Mill at Bradford Abbas

Walking down the path from Mill Lane, in Bradford Abbas, to cross The River Yeo

By Bradford Viaduct which carries the Weymouth Line over The Yeo

Crossing a footbridge on the path between Trill Dairy Farm and Trill Farm

Lunch in sight!


Walk from the Lamb and Lark at Limington

Because of the bad weather leading up to this walk the ground was saturated and it was necessary for a large part of the walk to be on the road. It took us from Limington to Yeovilton and back and we spent some time looking around the churchyard at The Fleet Air Arm Memorial Church.

The walkers listening to Charlie before we left the pub car park. As you will gather from the way the walkers are dressed, it was a cold day

Just after passing through Limington churchyard we encountered this “squeeze stile”. It wasn’t a problem for Peter but it did prove a challenge for some of our shorter, well built members.

The group by Yeovilton Weir

Approaching Locombe Bridge. The bridge in the picture is a recent replacement for a much older bridge that we had crossed on previous occasions.

Crossing The Mill Stream. This is supplied with water from a point just above Yeovilton Weir

 The Fleet Air Arm Memorial Church

The highlight of the day. Lunch!



This was a rather muddy walk from The Mandeville Arms at Hardington Mandeville to Coker Hall Farm, East Chinnock and back to Hardington by way of Hill Cross and Cold Harbour Hill.

Cyril delivering the pre-walk briefing

In Rectory Lane, Hardington Mandeville

The low lying ground was very wet with an unexpected stream running along this hedge line

The group near East Chinnock

Coker Ridge lit by the sunlight with a threatening looking cloud overhead. Fortunately it passed us by.

Crossing The Chinnock Brook

Following a path along Coldharbour Hill

Wherever we walk we always change into clean footwear before going in to lunch

Enjoying their starters 



Another walk from Chilthorne Domer but this time from The Carpenters Arms on a very damp and dull day. The route took us to Yeovil Marsh, crossing the A37 near Target Farm. By Carents Farm we turned northwards and travelled to The Warren before circling back to New Oakley Farm and re-crossing the A37 by Halfway House. From this point we followed the road through Chilthorne to return to The Carpenters.

In the car park of The Carpenters Arms being briefed by Tony

Walking towards Target Farm in the lane below Vagg Copse

Walking along the northern edge of Vagg Copse

In Green Moor Lane near Woodrow’s Farm

A bridge and double stile somewhere beyond Woodrow’s Farm

In Movey Lane, near The Warren.

In Oakley Lane walking towards Halfway House

Another bridge with two stiles close to Halfway House

In The Carpenters for lunch


Walk from The Bell Inn at Broadway

The day of this walk was bright, sunny and cold but perfect for walking. The organisers, Nick and Cyril, had a lot of problems in finding a venue and route and then had to change part of the route at the last minute due to the state of the ground. Much of the route we followed was also dictated by the need to safely cross the A303.

From The Bell we walked through Broadway to pass under the A303. From here we walked to Donyatt and after walking around the edge of Donyatt returned to Broadway along the same route.

Outside The Bell Inn at Broadway

Walking past some thatched houses in Goose Lane, Broadway

Walking towards Shave Lane after passing under the A303

In Shave Lane. This isn’t water on the road, it’s ice!

Crossing The River Isle, near Donyatt.

The granary at Downs Farm, Donyatt

The group at Donyatt Halt on the defunct Taunton to Chard railway line. On the top of the bank, behind the group are tank obstacles that formed part of the WW2 Taunton Stop Line

Donyatt Church

Having Lunch at The Bell.  Normally, each walker books their meal in advance. Here, as the food was brought out from the kitchen, the chef announced what it was and those who had booked that dish put their hands up. I think Annette got this one because Bob was further away


Walk from the Quicksilver Mail, Yeovil

This walk essentially consisted of two loops. The first took us to North Coker and then circled southwards to return by way of Pavyotts Mill to reach the A37 at The Red House. After crossing the A37 we walked through Barwick and circled northwards through Barwick Park to return to the A37 by Aldon Lodge and to our starting point at The Quicksilver Mail

Andy giving us the pre-walk talk

In Tarratt Lane

Walking past Patchlake cottages

Crossing the stream that flows down to Pavyotts Mill

Passing the Church in Barwick

The group in Barwick Park with Barwick House in the background


Walking through the grounds at Aldon. The things lying against the hedge are parts of the obstacles used on the cross country course during The Aldon Horse Trials

Back at The Quicksilver waiting for lunch



Walk fromThe Quicksilver Mail. When you walk from the same venue several times it is inevitable that you will walk over the same ground. However, although you become familiar with the routes the different seasons provide a variety of scenery. This time the route followed the old railway to Penn Mill. It returned over the top of Wyndham Hill and, finally, included a circuit of Nine Springs. 

John holding forth before the start of the walk

Rather attractive graffiti on the retaining wall of the old railway cutting at the bottom of Hendford Hill

Following the path along the lower pond at the bottom of Nine Springs



Sue and Bev having a chat.

 Nearing the top of Wyndham Hill

The group on the top of Wyndham Hill

 In Nine Springs

A pause above Southwoods

Back at The Quicksilver waiting for lunch.



 Walk from The Muddled Man at West Chinnock. My notes indicate that we last walked from here in 2006. This time the walk took us first towards Chiselborough and then back eastwards round the base of Brympton Hill to a point close to East Chinnock before returning to West Chinnock, passing through Middle Chinnock on the way.

Outside The Muddled Man listening to Peter delivering the briefing



Waiting for the tail enders to negotiate a stile by Balsters Farm


There’s always a queue at stiles

Looking across to Chiselborough from the track around the northern edge of  Burridge Copse

The group by Eastfield Lane

Walking along the side of a deep wet ditch near Eastfield Farm

Emerging from the road to East Field Farm

 Crossing a watercourse near Broadstone Farm. Just before reaching this point we had been surprised to find ourselves walking around the edge of a small private airfield.

 At Lunch in The Muddled Man


This walk from The Penn Mill Hotel proved to be the penultimate walk before the national lockdown stopped all further Retirement Association activity. Again it was over familiar ground taking us over Wyndham hill and then along the line of the old railway as far as Lysander Road. Just before the end of the path we turned up through Rustywell to cross the A30 on Hendford Hill and continue up lover Lane to a path that took us round the top of Southwoods and through Nine Springs. We then followed the line of the old railway back to Penn Mill, and our starting point.

Waiting in the car park at The Penn Mill Hotel

Viewing the town from the top of Wyndham Hill

The members looking at the view from the top of Wyndham Hill

At Rustywell with the factory in the background.

Walking up Lovers Lane. This follows the line of the Roman road to Dorchester

The group in the children’s play area in Nine Springs

 A pause near the former site of the Town Railway station

Violets beside the path below Wyndham Hill