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How To Join.

Membership is free and is open to any retired former employee who has achieved  at least five years of service with any of the former Westland group of companies (now Leonardo, Formerly AgustaWestland), qualifying you to become an Ordinary Member. In addition, the spouse or partner of a person who does or would have qualified as an Ordinary Member may apply to become an Associate Member. The Ordinary Member and/or the Associate Member can between them apply to introduce  two friends to become Social Members of the Association.

That may sound complicated, but it is not. the three classes of membership are outlined as:

Ordinary Member.

        Former employee with at least Five years service, voting rights at AGM/SGM, and will be eligible to be on the committee.

Associate Member.

      Spouse or partner of qualifying former employee, and will be eligible to be on the committee.

Social Member.

      Friend of Ordinary or Associate Member, without voting rights and not elgible to be on the committee.


If you are interested in joining then feel free to introduce yourself at one of our events or make contact with the membership secretary whose phone number is on the "Contact Us' button or make contact using the email proforma shown there.