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Visit to Dawe's Twineworks in West Coker

28th September 2020 (10:30am - 2:30pm)

Brian and Ann Jennings are organising this day out.The day out will be repeated on October 26th 2020.

Please see below for all the details including how to contact Brian and Ann.


Visit to Dawe’s Twineworks in West Coker

England’s only surviving working Victorian Twineworks

Date: 28th September 2020 and 26th October, 2020.

Cost: £8.00 per person

Time: 1030 – 1430

Dawe’s Twineworks is a real working Victorian factory – the last surviving rural twineworks which still has its original machinery. It is one of a very few surviving relics of what was an important industry in west Dorset and south Somerset. The underlying Jurassic limestone supported soils which proved to be ideal for the cultivation of flax and hemp – the source of fibres used to make twine, rope and sailcloth. The industry grew with the Age of Sail – and then declined as steamships and finally man-made materials took over.
Dawe’s closed in 1968 and was derelict and in danger of collapse when bought by SSDC in 2005. Now, a local volunteer team has applied effort and raised money to make this important piece of our history live again.


Enjoy a lunch of hot soup with bread and homemade cakes and see what working life was like more than a century ago


Due to Coronavirus current restrictions the serving of the usual food and tea/coffee has to be outside. If it is raining any food and drink can be enjoyed under the 100 yard “Walk” of the twineworks.


Find us at the west end of the village on the A30, next to No94          BA22 9AU


Gatherings are restricted to 30 people on each visit date so if you want to come along contact Ann Jennings on 01935 862704 or email