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A Poem called Excitement

14th June 2020 (8:00am) - 22nd June 2020 (4:00pm)

Here is another poem Carol found, hope you like it. 

it is by Glenys Halliday



Well I know it isn’t Christmas

But I’ve had a big surprise

It didn’t come down the chimney 

Nor fall from the skies


I was glancing through the window

When I espied a van

Then a box was taken out

Delivered by a man


I waited a few minutes 

Until I could be sure

It was quite safe

To open up my door


Oh the colours were delightful

Their perfume just divine

The extra beauty of it was

All of them were mine


It gave me such enjoyment

When I took a look

Deciding on the dishes

I at last could cook


I knew I had been bored

But not so close to edge

When I can get ecstatic

By a box of fruit and veg