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Gardening Competition UPDATE

12th June 2020 (8:00am) - 21st August 2020 (6:00pm)

Hi everyone another week has passed by, hopefully things are getting better but we must be patient. I have made a couple of changes to the categories and suggested how to display some items please see below.We have had many replies from you all, all keen to show your wares. Please keep an eye on the website as things may change slightly, and please if you know anyone who does not know about this please let them know.

Gardening Photo Competition update.
All entries to be entered by 31st July 2020

Open to all AgustaWestland Retirement Association members. 
Contact Email

If you are entering this competition and I hope you are, I have defined the categories with more detail.
When sending in your photos please state what category it is in by saying 1, 2, 3 etc
We are limiting it to just 3 photos each household they can all be from one category or 3 different ones. 
If you have a great photo of something in the garden that is not covered below send it in and I will put it on the website, it can be a bird or a funny shaped vegetable or even a selfie, just do it. This will not count against your entries.
The categories are as follows PHOTO'S ONLY



 1.  A pot with a single FLOWER plant in, any size of pot can be used. 

2. A pot with a multiple selection of  FLOWER plants in, any size of pot can be used
3. A Hanging Basket or wall mounted basket or container with flower
4. A Vase containing cut flowers from your own garden, any size vase that you would use as a table decoration can be use
5. A photo of a single flower, this can be a tall flower, or a large or small bloom, it can be in amongst several other flowers so long as one bloom is dominant
6. Longest runner bean, this must be shown along with a ruler so we can see the length (we know how you gardeners like to exaggerate)
7. A group of 3 tomatoes shown in a row so that the size can be seen placed on a  ten pound note
8. Carrots a group of 3 shown in a row so that the size can be seen placed on a  ten pound note.

If you are not sure of anything either contact myself or send in what you have but don’t be too critical of yourselves as it a bit of fun (serious Fun).
Don't forget to take your photo’s  when your plants are at their best, you can send me your photos at any time and I will organise them. I will give each photo a number and put all photos on the website on different days in the first week of August. After the judging I will put names against the photos in the second week of August and announce the winners