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Gardening Competition

7th June 2020 (6:30am) - 31st July 2020 (6:00pm)

Hi everyone, hope you are all doing ok, a funny old year but the weather has been great. As a bit of competative fun i have come up with the idea of showing off all your hard work in the garden so please have a look  below and send in your photo's, it is easier for me if you take the photo in landscape mode. Take your time taking the photo and if you have an ipad or similar edit the pic by cropping or if not sure ask me and i will sort it out for you. Thanks

Hi AWRA Members
 Hope you are well.
As the annual show has been cancelled I have been in touch with Ian and Anne  to get their thoughts on my idea and they agreed that it was a good one.
As everyone has been spending more time in the garden it might be nice to share your hard labour with other members of the club so I’m proposing that we do a competition.
This would mean that you take a photo of a pot plant or hanging basket etc and send them to me and I will put them on the website and ask my neighbour to judge them by going on our website. Your skills would be twofold, growing the plants and taking the best possible photo.
The categories I’m suggesting are
1. A pot with a single plant
2. A pot with an assortment of plants in
3. A hanging basket or wall mounted basket
4. A vase of cut flowers
5. The longest runner bean (shown with a ruler beside it)
6. Tomatoes ?
As I’m not much of a gardener myself any other ideas would be great but we don’t want too many categories so I only propose garden items not handicrafts etc.
Obviously it would be acceptable only if you have grown it yourselves either from a young plant or seed
I think up to 3 entries per person or household !!!
You would have until July 31st to send your photos to me and I would put them on the website in August. A small prize for the winners.
If Possible please let me know if you would be interested in taking part 

Thank you all for putting up with me.
Keep safe Charlie