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Your Monday Quiz another one on Somerset

1st June 2020 (8:00am) - 11th June 2020 (4:00pm)

Hope you are all keeping well and not getting too sunburnt.

The latest quiz is another on Somerset, not sure if i have repeated any of the questions from the previous ones but if you are like me i would of forgotten the answers. I have been in contact with Dave the Chairman and as you can see everthing is cancelled to the end of September, depending on how things are happening we will try to keep you informed. Stay safe and hope to see you soon!

Another Trivia Quiz all about Somerset.

1. What is the name of Taunton's Main Theatre?
2. Beside which portcullis and drawbridge do mute swans ring a bell for food?
3. Where has The Mermaid been a ships chandler’s, a 19th century department store and more recently a tearoom?
4. Which towns oldest structure is Worlebury Camp, on Worlebury Hill, dating from the Iron Age
5. Which former Conservative MP was born in Bath and has appeared in Strictly come Dancing and Celebrity big Brother?
6. The name of which local Cheese is derived from Chaucer's Canterbury Tales
7. The M5 motorway through the county terminates at what junction number at Exeter.
8. Which is home to 40 commando Royal Marines.
9. From what did the Gibbs family whose home was Tyntesfield Nr Bristol make their fortune?
10. From the 7th century Somerset formed the westernmost part of which Kingdom?
11. During the middle ages what did Glastonbury, Athelney and Muchelney have in common?
12. Which town has Helliers Road, Forton Road and the A358 as its principal arteries?
13. Which town has areas called Milton, Worlebury and the Bournville?
14. What did Dr William Oliver invent in 1740?
15. Born in Bath, which best selling children’s author and Dame wrote the story of Tracy Beaker?
16. Where would you find Birbeck Pier, The Mercury Office and Silica?
17. Engineers arrived from what country to drain the levels in the 17th century?
18. What is a replica of the Rome’s Temple of Portunous built on the grounds of Halswell House near Bridgewater?
19. Name two castles in Somerset the Normans built in the 11th and 12th centuries?
20. Spanning 900 years where has been the home to Cistercian Monks, 19th century Philosophers and Politicians?
21. Where does a clock strike every quarter for jousting knights to rush round above the clock and a Quarter Jack bang the quarter hours with his heels?
22. What is the name of the motorway services located at junction 19 of the M5 at the Southern end of the Avonmouth Bridge?
23. Perry, Heck and Sheppy are makers of what?
24. John Ridd, Sir Ensor and Carver are names from which famous novel?
25. Of what is Barbers 1833 Vintage Reserve a make of?
26. Which Somerset town do you associate with the legend of King Arthur?
27. What did the architect John Wood the Elder Design in Bath in 1768?
28. Along with Cheddar Gorge what is the name of the county’s other Gorge? 

As Always on Friday i will put the answers.