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25th May 2020 (8:00am) - 11th June 2020 (4:00pm)

Your Quiz this week is all about YEOVIL. There are quite a few questions that require dates that are in most of our lifetime. They are questions 10, 12,13, 14, 15, and 18. Can i suggest that you write down the answers for these BEFORE YOU LOOK UP THE ANSWERS. It will be interesting to see what we remember, i reckon if you are within 2 years of the date you have done very well, please let me know how you get on.

As normal the answers will be out on Friday.


1. Name the Churches in Yeovil that are named after Saints?
2. A Church has existed on the site of St John the Baptist since the 10th Century but what decade was it rebuilt?
3. Reportedly because its windows let in so much light it was called “the what of the West”.?
4. How tall is its tower?
5. William Dampier who was an English Navigator, Pirate and Travel writer was born in East Coker Nr Yeovil in what year.?
6. Allegedly What was he the first Englishman to do?
7. What was Yeovil called before being called Yeovil?
8. When did the Railway first reach Yeovil.?
9. Petters oil engines began production in Yeovil in what year (Later to become Westlands)?
10. The fire station in Reckleford was built in what year
11. What is now on the site of the old fire station. (Where my dad was a Fireman)
12. Yeovil College was opened in what year 
13. The Octagon theatre was opened in what year and what was it previously called
14. The Quedam Centre was built in what year
15. Maltravers House was built in what year
16. What year was Yeovil's town Hall burnt down
17. What was the name of the Hotel that was demolished for road widening in Middle Street
18. In what year did this occur
19. Name the Olympic Champion Rower born in Yeovil
20 Name the actress born in Yeovil in 1968 who starred in Cutting it and Mistress on TV
21. The Nautilus Works in Reckleford was named after what that made James Petter his fortune