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Answers to 60,s Quiz

15th May 2020 (9:30am) - 22nd May 2020 (4:00pm)

These are the answers to the 1960,s quiz, if you looked at the quiz early on Monday question 11 i have changed as i had the same question twice!! what a Silly Billy

Dont forget another quiz on Monday, I will try to be a little different each time, This time next year you will all be able to go on "Who Wants to be a Millionair".

Thanks for taking part, Hope you all got 15/15

60,s Quiz Answers


  1. The Great Train Robbery
  2. Joseph Heller
  3. The Daleks
  4. France
  5. Basil D’Oliveria
  6. Rome (Italy)
  7. Pete Best
  8. Sidney Poitier
  9. Refusing US Military Service
  10. Graham Hill
  11. The Sunday Times
  12. Private Eye
  13. Madame De Gaulle
  14. SS France
  15. Laser