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11th May 2020 (9:30am) - 19th May 2020 (1:00pm)

Hi Everybody Can i just thank you all for taking part in the Somerset Trivia Quiz.

Just for a bit of fun i will put a quiz on every Monday until we are free to carry on our normal activities.

I have kept the scores of the answers of those who sent them in but as it was for fun i won't put them on the website but will put them on the notice board when we get back to our meetings unless you all want me to now. Feel free to increase your skills on the internet to find the answers.

This weeks Quiz, All about the 60,s The answers will be out on Friday

1. What event took place on 8 August 1963 at Tedburn Buckinghamshire?
2. The novel catch 22, first published in 1961 who was the author?
3. Who were introduced in a Doctor Who episode in December 1963?
4. Which country left NATO in 1966 before finally rejoining 43 years later?
5. Which player when selected by the MCC caused the cancelation of the 1968 South African cricket tour?
6. What city hosted at the 1960 Summer Olympics?
7. Who was sacked as drummer with the Beatles in August 1962 to be replaced by Ringo Starr?
8. Who in 1964 became the first black actor to win best actor Oscar?
9. From what was Mohammed Ali banned from boxing for three years in 1966?
10. Which British driver became the 1962 Formula One world champion beating Jim Clark into second place?
11. Which was the first British newspaper to issue a colour supplement in 1962?
12. Which satirical magazine first appeared in Britain in 1962?
13. Who launched the Worlds longest liner in 1960?
14. What was it named?
15. What invention of 1960 was credited to Theodore Maiman?