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Somerset Quiz Part 3

4th May 2020 (12:00am) - 10th May 2020 (12:00am)

Well here it is, or should i say "YER TIZ the last part of the Somerset quiz, hope you found it interesting and learnt something on the way, I hope you are all the answer to question 54.

As always i will give the answers on Friday. Pete did you find my little piece on SCRUMPY of interest?

Somerset Trivia Part 3

41. What is the name of the smart new hotel outside Hadpson near Bruton?
42. Which politician has been the member of parliament for North East Somerset since 2010 general election?
43. What is the name of the 18th century bridge in Bath designed by Robert Adam?
44. Who are Geoff Barrow, Beth Gibbons and Adrian Utley?
45. What was a mommet or mommick?
46. What are Black eyed Susan or Blissful Buffalo?
47. Which canal ran between Taunton and Tiverton in Devon?
48. Which novel set on Exmoor is by Richard Doddridge Blackmore?
49. Where would you find a statue of Queen Anne in Wellington Square and St. Michael’s Church?
50. Where is said to be the smallest parish church in England?
51. Which poet was famously interrupted when he was called out by a person on business from Porlock?
52. Where on the night before 1st May, does a hobby horse, a symbol of fertility, begin it’s annual journey through the town?
53. What is the name of the famous 17 stepping-stones that cross the River Barle?
54. In the county dialect what does ‘bobbish” mean?
55. Which Somerset hill is the steepest A-road in the united kingdom?
56. Which party leader was MP for Yeovil?
57. What is the highest point on Exmoor?
58. Wilkins, Pilton and Burrow Hill are all makes of what?
59. Can you name a village in the county beginning with the letter V?
60. Where would you find the Knightstone complex, Grove Park War Memorial and the Winter Gardens?