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Quiz Answers Part 2

1st May 2020 (7:15am) - 10th May 2020 (8:00pm)

Thanks again for taking part, you will be pleased to know Part 3 is coming on Monday.

Terry and Carole Williams have kindly sent me a quiz of DITLOIDS and i am putting these on tomorrow Saturday ( something for the weekend Guv)

Answers to Part 2 of quiz

Somerset Quiz Answers Part 2


21. A Dragon holding a Mace.

22. Jenson Button

23. The River Avon

24. Bath

25. A small or withered apple. ( not sure about this answer although I found this on Line see below)  but I will accept rough cider 

26. Mary Berry

27. Shepton Mallet.

28. A play in which two persons stood back to back interlaced each others arms and by bending forward alternately raised each other from the ground.

29. Bridgwater

30. Wookey Hole

31. The Arabic idea of Zero

32. Uranus

33. Babington House.

34. Jeremy Guscott

35. Jenny Agautter

36. Wells 

37. William Wordsworth and Samuel Taylor Coleridge.

38. Rupert Graves

39. The McMillan Theatre

40. Bruton.