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Quiz Part 2

27th April 2020 (7:30am) - 10th May 2020 (9:00pm)

Thank you all, and it is a great number for taking part, i must say it seems very competitive, those of you that have sent your answers and or scores i will keep track and give a report at the end just for fun.

Here is your Somerset Trivia Quiz Part 2

Enjoy and thank you for your feedback on the first part, apart from anything else its nice to hear from you all.


Before you start i thought i would share a couple of comical items i read over the week.

Not sure where but a cleaner was giving the Library a deep clean and when the Librarians went in later they found all the books on the shelves were arranged in height formation starting from the tallest to shortest.

A Joke - A blonde wanted to learn to fly but all the planes were out so the instructer agreed to instruct her on flying a helicopter solo by radio, after showing her what to do off she went, when reaching 1000ft she radioed in "im loving this, the view is great and im getting the hang of this". After reaching 2000ft she radioed in again saying how easy it was to fly the helicopter, the instructor looked on as she climbed to over 3000ft and was beginning to worry that she had not radioed in, to his horror about half a mile away he saw her crash and raced over and pulled her from the wreckage. He asked her what happened, she said " not sure everthing was going fine but as i got higher i got colder  and i cant remember anything after i turned off the big fan"


Somerset Trivia quiz Part 2


21. What is in the middle of the county’s coat of arms?

22. Which formula one driver was born in Somerset?

23. Which river borders Somerset’s traditional border with Gloucestershire?

24. Where would you find Green Street, Cleveland House and Sydney Gardens?

25, What does the word “Scrumpy mean”?

26. Which famous food writer and television presenter was born in Bath?

27. England’s oldest civilian prison is where?

28. In the local Dialect, what was way-zaltin?

29. Where is there an annual Guy Fawkes carnival, Dunball Wharf and a statue to Admiral Robert Blake?

30. Which village just outside Wells is known for its caves tourist attraction?

31. What mathematical concept did Adelard of Bath introduce in the 12th century?

32. Which planet did William Herschel discover in 1781 from his garden in Bath?

33. Which of the Soho House Groups of hotels and restaurants is based in Somerset?

34. Which English former rugby union outside centre, born in Bath is now a pundit for the sport?

35. Which actress was born in Taunton and starred in The Railway Children and The Snow Goose?

36. Where would you find the Vicars’ Close, Keyward Brook and Bishop’s Eye Gateway?

37. Name the two poets who lived for a while in Nether Stowey, Alfoxden and Porlock?

38. Which actor born in Weston-Super-Mare, has recently starred in the BBC’s Sherlock and Last Tango in Halifax

39. What is the name of Bridgwater’s theatre?

40. Where would you find Hugh Sexey's Hospital and Dovecote.


Answers on Friday May 1st