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Coffee Morning

12th February 2020 (10:00am - 12:00pm)

Rachel Goodfellow will be talking about the Hidden Needs Trust.

Note Below you can view a copy of the very nice letter that was sent via our website and it states that £307 was collected on the day, Thank you all.

Rachel Goodfellow



Dear all,
Thank you so much for the lovely warm welcome today. It was wonderful to be able to talk to so many people. Now you all know about HNT, what I do and who may benefit.
What I omitted to say was that, as from January 2020, ANY carers of those with additional needs children/young people, young person or child with additional needs, families with SEN connections and specialist schools/colleges/hubs who support children and young people with additional needs can apply for funding if in Dorset or Somerset...not just the Opportunity Groups.
I will ensure that, when the date for applying is nearing, anyone who fits those categories can access the forms and send in an application.I will of course not be able to give donations to everyone but my 2 other trustees will be in a position to prioritise needs.
Do please pass on my leaflets to those who may benefit. I am more than happy to meet families for a chat, and try to link them in with organisations who may need their help.
Likewise, you may have children/grandchildren who are at local schools [either as staff or students] and I am more than happy to come in and do talks...the more young people understand about SEN the better.
As you heard, I am always looking to do joint fundraisers with other charities...if any of you are associated with a charity and would like to do something with myself as HNT Founder and Fundraiser, do get in touch. Often 2 charities working together means at least double the marketing of an event and at least double the support.
Thank you so much again...please do get in touch if I can be of any help in the future to any of you and/or other organisations that you are involved with.
AND, lastly...what a lovely surprise I had when the bucket was opened and just over £307 was there. I will ensure a half of the amount is given to Kim at the Yeovil Opportunity Group as without her support, the amazing work the staff and therapists do, my little Yara would not be where she is now!

Bye for now and do keep in touch,

Rachel Goodfellow