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12th November 2019 (9:15am - 1:30pm)

Ramble from the Quicksilver Mail - Yeovil

Andy Pugsley and Jo Melvin are organising the ramble to Tellis Cross (East Coker) and Barwick from the Quicksilver Mail.

The Quicksilver will be open from 0915. There is parking to the rear of the Inn.

The walk is approximately 5 miles, fairly flat with a mixture of lanes and public footpaths. Could be muddy in places if wet. There are approximately 8 stiles/gates to negotiate. It is hoped to return by 1230 for lunch at 1300.

Andy can be contacted on 01935 428753 or mobile 07484774626, or email


Walk from The Quicksilver Mail, Yeovil, 12th November 2019 

Forty seven members turned for the walk, from this popular venue.

The walk, organised by Andy and Jo, was over about 5 miles of familiar ground, and took us to North Coker and returned by way of Barwick and Aldon.

After leaving “The Quicksilver” the A30  was safely crossed and we walked along the Dorchester Road  and East Coker road to Tarrat Lane, a track that took us to Pavyotts Lane, just west of The Red House.

After a short walk along this road we again entered a field path that took us to Tellis Cross, at the edge of North Coker, by way of Patchlake and Redlands.

Here we turned south to reach the stream, that flows down to Pavyotts Mill, and then followed the stream eastwards to the mill.

After a brief pause we followed Pvyotts Lane northwards to pass the end of Tarrat Lane and arrive at the Dorchester road by “The Red House”.

This busy road was crossed safely to enter Church Lane and walk on into Barwick.

We left Barwick by way of Rex’s Lane to reach Barwick Park, which we crossed to reach Two Tower Lane at a point close to The Fish Tower, a folly built for the 18th century owner of Barwick House.

We crossed Two Tower Lane to enter Aldon and turned westwards to walk parallel to the lane to return to Dorchester Road by Aldon Lodge.

From here it was just a short walk along The Dorchester Road to return to our starting point.

The walk was organised by Andy and Jo. It was over ground with gentle slopes and the occasional patch of mud. Although the weather was cold and showers were forecast it remained dry until we sat down to lunch.

The last walk of this year is being organised by Ashley Davies, assisted by Karl Parfitt, and will be from the Black Swan at Langport.

            Andy Pugsley delivering his briefing  

            Walking down Tarrat Lane     

Emerging from Tarrat Lane onto Pavyotts Lane 

 By Patchlake Cottages

One of the stiles on the way to Tellis Cross

Skirting the grounds of Pavyotts Mill

After walking to Red House along Pavyotts Lane we crossed the A37, by Keyford roundabout, to walk into Barwick along Church Lane

In Church, Lane approaching Barwick village

Walking past Barwick Church and Church House. At the moment the church tower is clad in scaffolding. The next picture, taken on a walk in February 2017, shows the tower without scaffolding

The church tower unclad

The group, with Barwick House in the background

Walking through a crop of Mangel wurzels

The Fish Tower, one of the four follies around the park

Another view of The Fish Tower taken two years previously, when the field was not plowed.

A rainbow over Aldon House. A warning of approaching rain!

The same rainbow having developed into a full arc 

The sky to the north is very dark and all the cows are laid down. The rain did come but only after we were safely back in the pub having lunch