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Gardening Competition Entries Page 3

3rd August 2020 (8:00am) - 20th August 2020 (8:00pm)

These are some photos sent as extras so I thought I would put them on, some are lovely photos and a couple should give you a smile.

Red legged Partridge trying to chat up the ornaments!

Chris & Pam Ivey

Nice flower but a choice of what to use had to be made.

Chris Ivey

Possibly Wisteria adorning their house

Ann Jennings

Another extra that had to be ommitted

Pete Eastment

This top pic of a bean was sent in, I had a go at measuring it,  I estimate 24 inches!

I Love this Thanks to Chris Ivey for sending it in.

Not in the competition but a nice cox.

Shirley Melligan

And another extra to requirements

Ann Jennings

lovely decorations Thank you Glenda Karn 

Surplus to requirements from Pam Ivey

Can you see the join? I was told it was a twin bean

Nice try Pete Eastment, still not sure if it would of won!!!!! Made me laugh.

Saved from the garden centre in lockdown.

Brenda Axe was the good Samaritan.


Tried very hard but they just would not turn red.

Shirley Melligan sent this in I bet they have started getting red now!!

A lovely pic with the sun behind the Wisteria. Thank you Brenda Axe.