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Ramble from the Carpenters Arms, Sherborne

15th January 2019 (9:15am - 1:00pm)

The January ramble has been organised by Ian and Anne Wood. They can be contacted on 01935 509478 or Mobile 07732 791 608

The Carpenters Arms is on the Bristol Road Sherborne, DT9 4JD

The ramble is undulating and will probably be muddy and is approx 5 Miles with NO STILES.



Walk from The Carpenter's Arms, Sherborne, 15-1-2019

This walk was over familiar ground, if ones memory stretches back to the previous walk from this venue in October 2004. That walk was organised by Stan Love and the pub was then known as The Mermaid.


Forty two members turned out for to-days walk. The weather was dry, dull and cool, with a light wind.

A nice contrast from the December walk.

It had been anticipated that the ground would be very wet and muddy in places but fortunately the ground had dried out well since the organisers, Ian and Anne, reconnoitred the route earlier in the month 

We set off from pub along Quarr Lane and then diverted through the Quarr Local Nature Reserve to return to the lane at the northern end of the reserve.

From here the lane was followed to it’s junction with the Sandford Orcas Road where, after a brief pause, we turned right to follow the road to the junction of Coombe and Clatcombe Lanes. At this junction we turned into the rough track called Coombe Lane, which was followed past Coombe Farm to reach The Marston Road. This is a busy road with fast moving traffic which we had to cross to reach Checcombe Lane. 

A short distance along Checcombe Lane we reached Trent Path Lane into which we turned, following it southwards as far as the telephone mast marking the junction with a path that lead us back to Marston Road.

We re-crossed The Marston Road into Harding House Lane, which drops steeply into the valley.

This lane was then followed through Combe to the junction with Blackberry Lane and the steep climb back to our starting point.

Because there was time in hand the route was slightly extended by looping back through the Nature Reserve. 

This walk had no stiles but it did have a few sharp climbs to challenge the less fit members of the group.

At the end of the walk we were served a substantial lunch from the carvery.


The next walk, in February, will be from The Muddled Man at West Chinnock.

The carpark where we gathered.

I hasten to add that our people had nothing to do with the damage

to the wall. Note the hedge between the carpark and the pub and 

compare this picture with the next one to see the changes that have

taken place in the intervening fourteen years

The person striding across the carpark, to the left of the

person in pink, is Stan Love, who organised the 2004 walk.

Our older members may be able to identify many of the

other people in the picture.

Anne Wood, the co-organiser of the walk, doing her admin

Walking past the front of the pub at the start of the walk.

The original name of the pub can be seen,

cut into the stone, behind the new sign board

Ian Wood leading us towards the quarry face in the Quarr Local Nature Reserve

In Quarr lane, dropping down towards the junction with Sandford Orchas Road

In Quarr Lane near the same point as the previous picture,

only fourteen years ago.The person in the lead is Tony Webber who

no longer walks with us but does enjoy coming out to lunch

A little further down Quarr Lane

Having negotiated Quarr Lane, Sandford Orchas Road and Coombe Lane

we had to cross the Marston Road. Here the group are waiting

for the tail enders to complete the crossing safely

On the previous walk over this route, the council had kindly set up some

roadworks with traffic lights. This made for a much safer crossing.

The group, out on the walk, by the junction

of Trent Path Lane and Checcombe Lane

Where we left Trent Path Lane to reach the Marston Road

Having crossed Marston Road we walked towards Combe.

Here Ian is watching to see that everybody

behind us is safe from the car that had just passed.

Waiting for lunch.

The new sign

Pat looks quite pleased with what she's been served